Fresh HyperX HX3D keycap drop features spooky set of keyboard toppers

A spooky selection of HyperX HX3D keycaps joins functional and fun keyboard decorations in newest line.

There's a whole host of new HyperX HX3D keycaps available now, including Halloween-themed spooky caps to decorate your keyboard ahead of the scary season.

Alongside Count Cloud the vampire bat, Patty the Pumpkin and Commander Skelly, several new keycaps from HyperX's 3D printed lines offer you the chance to swap out your mechanical keyboard keys for funkier or more functional versions.

From the purely aesthetic plate of cookies, or a miniature succulent plant, to streaming shortcuts to go on air or mute your mic, you can get bundles or mix and match individual keys to create your perfect setup.

Colored backgrounds for the WASD keys or numbers 1-4 are available in red, green, purple and blue, or a camo texture to suit FPS players more accustomed to the boots-on-the-ground aesthetic of big budget shooter campaigns.

You can see all available new HX3D keycaps through the HyperX store now, and unlike previous limited time drops, these are available for as long as stocks last. So pick up whatever you want to kit out your HyperX Alloy keyboards and make your gaming station truly yours.


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