Let MapleStory monsters loose on your keyboard with this HX3D collab

The HX3D x MapleStory collaboration brings adorable keycaps and headset toppers.

How are your Omok skills holding up? If you’re feeling a little rusty, then HyperX’s latest HX3D x MapleStory collaboration may be able to help. Following the popular Orange Mushroom limited keycap early this year, the new partnership with Nexon sees a full line of MapleStory keycaps and headset toppers arrive on the HyperX store.

The first items in the HyperX HX3D x MapleStory collection include two new headset toppers and several keycaps inspired by the popular 2D MMORPG. First up we have the Green Slime keycap. Oozing over the edges, this cute little terror will bring a toxic splash of color to any place you plop him on your mechanical keyboard.

The HyperX MapleStory Green Slime keycap
The HyperX HX3D x MapleStory Green Slime keycap.

Next up is the MapleStory Omok Set of keycaps. This batch of eight keys is inspired by the omok mini-game within MapleStory. The colorful designs were created with input from the team at Nexus and include more practically pressable pictures of cute creatures like the iconic Orange Mushroom. Align five in a row for a winning combination or distribute them tactically across your keyboard.

The HyperX x MapleStory Omok Keycap Set
The HyperX HX3D x MapleStory Omok Keycap Set.

HX3D Keycaps are compatible with HyperX mechanical keyboards and most other mechanical keyboards as well.

HyperX headset owners can add some fun to their gaming fashion with two MapleStory headset toppers. Squish an adorable Rock Spirit directly onto your headband or opt for some Pink Bean Horns to show off your playful attitude! HX3D headset toppers come in versions compatible with Cloud Alpha, Cloud Alpha S, Cloud Alpha Wireless, Cloud II, Cloud II Wireless, Cloud III and Cloud III Wireless headsets.

The HyperX MapleStory headset toppers.
The HyperX HX3D x MapleStory headset toppers.

To check out all the items included in the HX3D x MapleStory collab and all the other 3D printed designs available, head over the the HX3D store page! Other designs available include dragon wing and devil horn ear toppers, as well as FPS and RPG-based keycap sets.

Considering something from the HX3D x MapleStory collection as christmas present? Great choice! Head over to our holiday gift guide hub to find even more ideas for any gamers in your life.

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