These HyperX x Warframe keycaps will help your Tenno get a head

Give a Tenno a tap with these HX3D Warframe keycaps for mechanical keyboards.

The latest HX3D creations from HyperX bring a touch of the Tenno to your desktop with 3D-printed Warframe keycaps ready to take their place on your mechanical keyboard.

The HyperX x Warframe keycap collection was made for the most dedicated of Tenno warriors. Designed in close collaboration with Warframe, the included keys feature 3D printed models of iconic figures like Lotus or Clem and sleek practical sets to replace your WASD movement keys.

The HyperX Warframe keycap set in blue on a keyboard - HX3D Warframe keycaps
© HyperX

The primary HX3D x Warframe keycap sets (available in blue, white, or black) include four WASD keys to replace your movement controls. In addition, the Escape key will help you show off your love of the game. The letter keys adopt Warframe’s distinct font, delivering a dose of style to your board and helping your fingers find their place with ease. Each key has a flat top to ensure they’re practically functional on top of being pretty. The Escape key proudly features the game’s core logo, letting you install it in the corner of your keyboard (or indeed any other place of your choosing) as a badge of honor.

After a more standout addition to your keyboard dedicated to your one true Warframe love? Consider one of four head bust models from the collection based on iconic warframes and characters. Available options include the Excalibur and Mesa Warframes, the guiding figure of Lotus, and the lovable yet deadly defector Clem. They all stand ready to assist your extraction efforts.

The 3D Warframe keycaps of Excalibur, Mesa, Lotus, and Clem with title. HyperX x Warframe collaboration
© HyperX

Each character key features a distinct key base which matches their design and colors. Celebrations of favorite characters or grisly trophies of your enemies? You’re welcome to choose your own perspective. Pair the designs with a HyperX keyboard and you could even design your own game-themed RGB layout using Ngenuity.

The full HyperX x Warframe keycap collection includes:

  • Warframe Keycap Set (Blue/White/Black)
  • Clem Keycap
  • Excalibur Keycap
  • Lotus Keycap
  • Mesa Keycap

HX3D keycaps are designed to work with HyperX mechanical keyboards and most other mechanical keyboards too. So if you’re ready to equip your real-life frame with a touch of warframe? Head to the HyperX x Warframe collection page to load up before your next mission.

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