How much gaming gear (and more) can you fit in the HyperX Delta and Knight backpacks?

With the HyperX Delta or Knight backpack, you can deploy a gaming setup anywhere you go.

It’s time to answer important questions about capacity. No, you don’t have the capacity to get any higher than Diamond in Valorant without practicing more, but that isn’t the type we meant. We’re here to discuss HyperX’s new Delta and Knight backpacks. More specifically, all the stuff you can squish snugly inside them.

Delta and Knight can guarantee you access to all your vital gaming gear, wherever you roam. They’re basically real-life cheat codes. So what laptops can fit inside the Delta and Knight backpacks, and what else can you get in there as well? Let’s open them up and have a rummage.

The Delta backpack viewed from above next to someone gaming - can you fit a laptop and headset in the Delta/Knight backpacks?
The HyperX Delta backpack will get you gaming anywhere you want.

Can you fit a laptop and headset in the HyperX Delta/Knight backpacks?

Answer: Yes, easily!

Let’s clear the essentials first, shall we? If you’re looking to enjoy PC games on the go, you’ll need your laptop and a HyperX headset to make the most of those top-tier in-game tunes. At 17” x 12” x 5” and 19” x 11” x 5” in size, respectively, both the Delta and Knight have more than enough room to pack in an Omen 16 gaming laptop (14” x 11” x 0.8”) and a HyperX Cloud III headset, especially when you detach the mic. 

The Knight is equipped with a dedicated 16” laptop compartment – sizable enough for most gaming options. With the laptop stowed, you’ve got plenty of packing space for other essentials like snacks or a raincoat in the main compartment – though we really don’t recommend gaming outdoors if the elements are feeling a little feisty.

How much can you fit in the delta/knight backpacks - full gaming setup - a mouse, laptop, keyboard, and earbuds visible in an open Delta backpack
The HyperX Delta backpack filled with gaming gear.

Can you fit a full gaming setup in the HyperX Delta/Knight backpacks?

Answer: Yes, and with a few extras.

All right, we hear you – a laptop and headset alone don’t make for the ideal gaming experience in all genres. But the Delta and Knight have still got your back (literally, while you’re wearing them). With the right gear and some smart packing, you can get everything you need to set up a premium game space anywhere with a flat surface.

With your laptop in the back pouch, you can slot a compact mechanical keyboard like the HyperX Alloy Origins 60 vertically into one half of the bag’s main pocket. You’ll then have plenty of room for a Pulsefire Haste 2 mouse (wireless ideally, but you can also wrap that cable up). And for audio? The Cirro Buds Pro carry case will keep your ears content while barely claiming any real estate. Finally, roll up a medium Pulsefire Mat and you can even squeeze that in as well. Because your FPS skills (and mouse) deserve protection from uneven surfaces.

The Delta with laptop, keyboard, and mouse mat stored inside.How much can you fit in the HyperX Delta/Knight backpacks?
A Pulsefire Mat is no problem for the HyperX Delta backpack.

Does the HyperX Delta backpack have a water holder?

Answer: Yes – suitable for water bottles and umbrellas.

You should drink more water. We all should! It’s practically the gamer’s mantra, given how easily we lose hours to virtual worlds. Fortunately, the Delta is your hydro homie. It features two outside pockets for storing bottles to keep your H2O (or caffeine) levels topped up wherever your adventures take you.

If your water-related problems stem more from it falling far too often from the sky? Hydro haters, we gotchu too! The outside pockets on the Delta also make for ideal compact umbrella holders – an especially important bit of kit when you’re hauling precious gaming gear through rain-prone environments.

Can you fit a Steam Deck and Nintendo Switch in the HyperX Delta/Knight backpacks?

Answer: Yep, gaming while getting to and fro is no problem.

The Nintendo Switch and Steam Deck are the ultimate devices for gaming on the go. And with either the Delta or Knight backpack, there’s no need to choose between the two. There’s room for both carry cases to fit side by side in the backpacks, or you can shift the thinner Switch into the laptop pouch while the Steam Deck hogs the bulk of the main compartment. Either way, you’ll have an immense catalog of games available on the bus, during flights, or wherever you plan to play.

The HyperX Knight backpack packing a laptop, keyboard, and headset - can you fit a nintendo switch and steam deck in the HyperX Knight Delta backpacks?
The HyperX Knight backpack will guard your gaming gear loyally.

Can you fit your work and gaming laptops in the HyperX Delta/Knight backpacks?

Answer: Yes, if they’re not too bulky..

Need to work in the office or study on campus but still want the chance to crack out some games during your lunch break? The Delta and Knight both have enough depth (5”) to store a slim full-size gaming laptop like the Omen Transcend 16 (0.8” thick) alongside your work or college gear like a laptop or tablet. Save the back pouch (16” wide on the Knight) for the precious gaming laptop though, obvs. Provided your work equipment isn’t too bulky, we reckon you could probably squeeze a compact mouse in there too. Speaking of which…

Can you fit more than 50 Pulsefire Haste 2 Mini Wireless mice in the HyperX Delta/Knight backpacks?

Answer: Yes…but why are you asking?

With 17.8L of volume available in the Delta and 22.6L in the Knight, you’ve got more than enough room to start your own Pulsefire Haste 2 Mini mouse distribution service. We’re not saying you should smuggle enough mini mice into your school or office to equip half a unit of roman soldiers, but just imagine the LAN parties if you did.

Can you fit a PS5 or Xbox in the HyperX Delta/Knight backpacks?

Answer: PS5 - Yes! Xbox Series X - No :( Xbox Series S - Yes!

Standing upright, the PS5 proudly boasts an impressive 15.4” in height, 10.2” in width, and 4.1” in depth. Yes, it’s a beast. But that size isn’t enough to save it from the Delta and Knight’s grand maws. Placed gently inside, the PS5 will even leave room on top for a DualSense controller (or two if you’re the owner of a PS5 Slim).

The gargantuan Xbox Series X is sadly a stretch too far for our brave bag contenders. But that’s okay! The far slimmer Series S will easily fit into both backpacks, leaving plenty of space for some extra controllers like the HyperX Clutch Gladiate. So the next time you need to shift your console for a college game night, the Delta and Knight will be on hand to help.

A man wears the Delta backpack, facing away from the viewer - how much can you fit in the delta/knight backpack
The HyperX Delta backpack in action.

Can you fit an Armada 25 monitor in the HyperX Delta/Knight backpacks?

Answer: Almost, but no.

Look, we tried. The Knight backpack is as stalwart and sturdy as its name suggests, but at 19” in height, it falls juuust short of being able to cram an entire Armada 25 gaming monitor inside. Sorry, that IPS screen is just too vibrant to be contained! It’ll just have to stay clamped to your desk instead. What a shame.

Secure your gaming gear (and anything else you like) for travel with the HyperX Delta and Knight backpacks from the HyperX store here.

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