How To Expand Your Oasis In Ever Oasis

Learn how you can increase the total size of your Oasis in Ever Oasis!

In Ever Oasis, knowing how to expand your Oasis is a key part of the game. Not only will ensuring that your Oasis is running smoothly help you progress, but as you expand your Oasis, you’ll be able to fit more Bloom Booths and residential homes. In this guide, we’ll show you how you can expand your Oasis in Ever Oasis.

How to Attract Residents to Your Oasis

The first step in expanding your Oasis in Ever Oasis is attracting more residents.

Knowing how to attract more residents to your Oasis is the main way you can expand the size of Oasis in Ever Oasis. The reason for this is that your Oasis will automatically grow as more and more residents show up.

Therefore, you’ll want to do whatever you can to make your Oasis an attractive visiting spot for potential residents and merchants. There are two main methods you can utilize to attract more residents to your Oasis:

  • Complete objectives on your To-Do list.
  • Seek out new areas in the Desert that are mentioned to you in rumors.

As long as you consistently pursue the above two objectives, your Oasis should start expanding as more and more residents start to call it home.

The Benefits of a Bigger Oasis

There are many benefits to knowing how to expand your Oasis in Ever Oasis.

Increasing the size of your Oasis can result in a variety of positive circumstances in Ever Oasis. A bigger Oasis means more space for Bloom Booths, which in turn helps to keep your residents happy, as they have consistent access to the goods they need. Make sure to expand the size of your main road so that more space for Bloom Booths becomes available.

If you can consistently keep your Bloom Booths stocked, your power (and thus your maximum health) will slowly increase. As your power grows, you’ll be able to explore more dangerous parts of the Desert and thus continue fulfilling the rumor requests you receive. Just make sure you craft some decent gear as well, since high health and power won’t be enough to survive what the deeper parts of the Desert will throw at you.

Once you get a feel for the gameplay temp in Ever Oasis, you’ll soon find yourself in a comfortable rhythm of completing To-Do list objectives and rumor requests. This will help you expand your Oasis, attract more residents, and keep all of your residents are happy. In turn, your residents will continue constructing new Bloom Booths.

One final note, not all of the travelers you attract to your Oasis will be able to open Bloom Booths. However, they often will be able to join your party as powerful new allies, thus helping you with your excursions into the Desert’s more dangerous locations.

By reading through this guide, you should now know how to expand your Oasis in Ever Oasis.



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