Indies Under $5 - Steam Summer Sale

You can’t beat these indie games under $5 during the Steam Summer Sale.

The Steam Summer Sale is in full swing, and thousands of games have had their prices discounted. While it’s tempting to go through your wishlist and buy everything that’s on sale (trust us, we have no self-control either), there are a few indie games at an insanely good price that you should check out. What constitutes a good price? Well, we’re focusing on inde games under $5 today.

To help give you an idea of what indie games you should pick up right now during the Steam Summer Sale, check out our list of favorites down below!

For this last one, we know it’s $1 more than our $5 price tag, but it’s a game that we here at Indie Obscura love at an amazing discount. We strongly recommend this game if you still have money left to spend during this year’s Steam Summer Sale!

Abzu - $5.99 (Regular Price: $19.99)

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