Community Discusses Their Most and Least Favorite Premium Tank

You either love or hate your Premium Tanks.

No matter what game you play, you will always have something in the game that is your favorite and another thing in the game that is your least favorite, and it’s no different in World of Tanks. In World of Tanks, an element that is your least favorite could be a style of tank you dislike playing or even a strategy that the opposition uses. Over on Reddit, a user by the name Capt_Levi1 has started a thread asking people to chime in on what their favorite and least favorite Premium Tank that they have purchased is, and so far the responses have come rushing in.

Capt_Levi1 starts off the discussion with their favorite tank being the T-34-3, a Chinese Tier 8 Medium tank that offers one of the best 390 alpha damage guns with a tough and rounded turret. Their least favorite is the SU-100Y, a Tier 6 Tank Destroyer, thanks to its slow reload speed and bad view range.

Another user by the name Ziff7 offers up their favorite Premium Tank which is the T-54, a USSR Tier 8 Medium tank known for its low stature and good camouflage with a high damage output. However, Ziff7 also notes that they thoroughly enjoy the Panzer 58 Mutz, a German Tier 8 Medium tank that comes with a bear graphic that increases its concealment, and being a German tank it means it has some decent accuracy as well. They go on to admit that they dislike their Type 59, stating it might come as a surprise to other players as they are unable to make it work with their playstyle. The Type 59 is a Chinese Tier 8 Medium tank that suffers from poor accuracy, so it’s no surprise that Ziff7 struggles with enjoying it.

It’s such a subjective question to ask the community, but the World of Tanks population proves yet again that they can have a civil discussion. How about you, what Premium tank that you’ve purchased do you love and what’s one that you hate?

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