Redditors Prepare For September Tank Rewards Prizes

Figuring out what tank to choose for Tank Rewards turns into a community decision

With September rapidly coming to an end, World of Tanks players are going to be itching to complete their monthly Tank Rewards missions in time to select their prizes. For those not in the know, every month in World of Tanks, players are able to complete a set of missions to work toward unlocking tickets that can be turned in at in exchange for prizes. Over on the World of Tanks subreddit, user Riffler24 is already chomping at the bit to figure out what they should put their hard-earned tickets toward.

Riffler24 has taken their time to look over the rewards available for players who reach the 60 ticket goal and so far has been unable to decide between the AC4 Experimental and the TOG 2. It can be a troubling decision to make, figuring out what to spend your tickets on, which is why Riffler24 has posed the question to the community.

In response, Reddit user Eperb12 suggests that collectors with no money should aim for the AC4 Experimental while collectors who have some expendable cash should opt for the TOG 2. To further complicate matters, the two previously mentioned tanks aren’t the only ones available as a reward. The Heavy Tank No. 6, a Japanese Tier 6 Heavy Tank is also up for grabs for anyone who manages to get 60 tickets. Eperb12 recommends the Heavy Tank No. 6 for anyone looking for a tank that is worth playing, though this is definitely subjective as players may prefer the styles of the other two armored vehicles.

Some other users are opting for the Garage Slots and Free Premium Account, an excellent decision for anyone looking to increase their Experience gains. Let’s turn this question to the community here, what do you plan to select for the September Tank Rewards?

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