Dark Souls 3 - How to Show Your Humanity

How to show your humanity to the wall in Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City.

This guide will show you how to Show Your Humanity to the wall in Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City. There is a wall in The Ringed City that is engraved with the words “Show your humanity”. It can be found near the Ringed City Streets bonfire and will only unlock using a special item.

How to Show Your Humanity

The "Show Your Humanity" wall requires some tricky thinking in order to solve. Here's how to do it!

In order to “Show your humanity” in Dark Souls 3 you will first need to ensure you have the swamp area of The Ringed City completely unlocked, specifically the gate that leads from the Ringed City Streets bonfire up and into the room with the engraving on the wall.

The "Show Your Humanity" wall is near the Ringed City Streets. Start at the bonfire and head into the swamp.

Next, you will need either the Chameleon Sorcery spell or a consumable item called a Young White Branch. The Chameleon spell will change you into something that matches the environment, but it requires knowledge of the sorcery and FP to cast – which is a problem for melee builds. Instead, you can use the Young White Branch item instead, as it does the exact same thing as Chameleon.

Cast the Chameleon sorcery or use a Young White Branch to appear as a Humanity sprite.

To unlock the engraving that reads “Show your humanity”, start at the Ringed City Streets bonfire and go out toward the swamp. Take the stairs on your right and kill the insect enemy at the bottom. Next, standing in the swamp, cast Chameleon or use a Young White Branch and you will change into a Humanity sprite. If you don’t change into a Humanity, and have instead changed into one of symbols you see around The Ringed City, simply cast Chameleon again or use another Young White Branch.

Head back to the "Show Your Humanity" wall and a ladder will fall down.

When you are in this form, you mustn’t run or fight as you will remove the spell. Now, walk back to the wall that says “Show your humanity” and a ladder will drop down from the ceiling. You can now fight and move as normal.

Now you can climb the ladder near the engraved wall, "Show your humanity".

That’s all you need to know about how to show your humanity, but if you aren’t aware, this is an integral step in the Lapp NPC quest as well as a segment involved in finding the Purging Monument. If you read this guide, you should now know how to show your humanity in Dark Souls 3: The Ringed City.

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