Uncharted: The Lost Legacy - All Hoysala Token Locations

Collect all the Hoysala Tokens to unlock the Queen’s Ruby.

Finding collectibles in Uncharted can be a time-consuming process, but thankfully there is an item you can unlock called the Queen’s Ruby that makes finding items easier. To unlock this item, you must collect all the Hoysala Tokens in Chapter 4: The Western Ghats. There are 11 Hoysala Tokens to collect and they’re spread out in different locations around the map.

Hoysala Token Guide

Hoysala Tokens aren’t just sitting on the ground to be picked up, you must earn them by completing puzzles or defeating enemies. Once you collect your first Hoysala Token, head to the northeast section of your map and look for a small cave full of monkeys. There will be a map in here showing you the remaining Hoysala Tokens in Chapter 4: The Western Ghats.

Hoysala Token 1                          

Head left from spawn and look for a little nook to get this Hoysala Token.

This Hoysala Token can be found to the left of spawn. Start by turning left and following the river until you find a small nook on your left with a Lockbox. Climb up using your grappling hook in order to reach the back of the alcove. Destroy the loose wall to find the Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token 2

Head right and then south from the spawn location to find this Hoysala Token.

As you start the level, turn right and head south to find rubble and ruins, as well as a mounted gun. You will need to take out the enemies and then defend the area from another attack before you can claim the Hoysala Token that’s behind the destructible wall.

Hoysala Token 3

You will need to make your way to some waterfalls to find another Hoysala Token.

Head to the east side of the map to find another Hoysala Token in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy. Look for the area with the waterfalls and then head north to find a slope with pillars. Using your grappling hook, swing and jump to reach the opposite side and head into a tunnel. At the end of the tunnel you will find the Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token 4

Find this Hoysala Token by heading south of the monkey area.

Another Hoysala Token can be found to the south of the monkey area, but on the north side of the river. Kill the enemies and then climb up the structure to use the grappling hook on the ground. Swing to open it up in order to gain access to the sewer where you'll find the Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token 5

Look for the area with a lot of bells, shoot them all to unlock the door.

Head to the east of the map, and then southeast of the monkeys to find an area with a lot of bells. Nearby is a structure that you need to climb to see a barred door. Shoot the bells in the area below, followed by the bell near the door. Shooting the bells removes a bar, gaining you access to the door and the next Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token 6

This Hoysala Token is found near the map room with the monkeys.

Go to the monkey area on the northeast side of the map and find an alcove with a map inside. Interact with the map to open a door on your left, leading to a Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token 7

Follow the river to the north, and then cross over to the western side to reach this Hoysala Token.

Another Hoysala Token can be found at the north end of the river, on the western side. Climb into the nearby building to find a puzzle. Solve the puzzle to open the door, head through to collect your Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token 8

Another Hoysala Token is near the middle of the map near the tall tower.

Another Hoysala Token needed to unlock the Queen’s Ruby can be found in the middle of the map, to the north of the tall tower where you can earn the Your Prize Trophy. Kill the enemies and look for the weak wall that can be destroyed.

Hoysala Token 9

Head to the fort near the water in the middle of the map - the Hoysala Token is here.

In the same location as the previous one, head to the west of the tall tower and look for the fort near the water with the bow statue. The Hoysala Token is in the Lockbox near all the enemies.

Hoysala Token 10

You will need to find the elephant statue then head below the water for this Hoysala Token.

This Hoysala Token is in the southwest of the map, right in the middle of all that water. Find the elephant statue and head inside the tunnel that is in front of it. You will need to swim below the water to collect this Hoysala Token.

Hoysala Token 11

Finally, complete a time trial to unlock this Hoysala Token.

Back in the middle of the map, but to the east of the tall tower is another Hoysala Token. You will need to interact with the nearby pillar to begin a time-trial. Swing to each platform, ensuring you step on the fountains of water. When it’s over, get back to the middle to complete the timed event.

When you finish collecting all 11 Hoysala Tokens in Uncharted: The Lost Legacy, head back to the map near all the monkeys and interact with it to finish the quest. You will unlock the extremely helpful Queen’s Ruby item, which will inform you when you get close to Treasure – no more walking straight past items!

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