What is a Luma Temtem?

Learn more about the special Luma Temtem available in the indie mmo, Temtem.

Temtem is a Pokemon inspired MMO with its own unique collection of creatures to capture, including variants like the Luma Temtem. If you’ve been hearing the word “Luma" thrown around and are wondering what it means, or if you found one in the wild and want to know more about it, we’ve got you covered. Below, we’ll walk you through what a Luma Temtem is!

What is a Luma Temtem?

What is a Luma Temtem
A Luma Temtem is similar to a Shiny Pokemon in that it's rare and comes in a different color than a regular Temtem.
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In Temtem, you have the ability to capture Temtem of all Types. Among the Temtem, you may find rare “Luma Temtem” variants. Essentially, Luma Temtem are like Shiny Pokemon in that they boast special lighting effects that make them appear as though they’re glowing, and they come in a different color than normal.

For example, the normal color of Platypet is blue, while the Luma version of Platypet is pink. The stats on a Luma Temtem are also better than a regular Temtem. Specifically, a Luma Temtem will always have three perfect Single Values (or stats). As with Shiny Pokemon, Luma Temtem are extremely rare.

According to the Temtem Wiki, the chance of finding a Luma Temtem in the wild is around 1 in 6,000. This makes sense given their perfect Single Values and unique color, and it helps make them highly desirable among Temtem players. In summary, Luma Temtem are the equivalent of Shiny Pokemon.

They come in a different color, have a glow to them, and offer three perfect Single Values. If you spot one, you’ll want to capture it because the odds of finding another one are slim (1 in 6,000).

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