All answers to Sanyu's questions in Temtem

Solve Sanyu's quiz by answering all 5 of her questions correctly in Temtem.

In Temtem, you’ll come across random NPCs who ask you to do or solve something, including Sanyu and her quiz. In Mokupuni, you’ll find Sanyu in one of the houses off to the side. By speaking with her, she’ll ask for your help with her quiz. Wondering what the answers are? Below, we’ve put together a quick guide with all of the answers to Sanyu’s quiz questions in Temtem!

All answers to Sanyu’s questions in Temtem

All answers to Sanyu's questions in Temtem
Help Sanyu with her quiz by giving her all of the correct answers in Temtem. 
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NPCs in Temtem will ask you to do a variety of different things, though most of them will be fetch quests. Unlike most NPCs, Sanyu doesn’t need you to take something somewhere else, or tell someone something. Instead, all she needs help with are her quiz questions.

There are 5 questions she’ll ask you in total with some of them being things you should already know, and others that may require a guess or two. If you don’t get all of the questions correctly, you’ll fail and will have to try again. To ensure you get all of the answers correct, we’ve listed them below.

Q: Which one of these is NOT a Nature Temtem?


Q: Follow the series: Spriole, Deendre… and?


Q: What does Vulvir evolve into?


Q: What Temtem is mythologically associated with Giant Banyan?


Q: Who is the protagonist of the traditional Mokupuni fable ‘Feleti and the Jar of Cookies’?

A Hidody

After answering all of the questions correctly, Sanyu will thank you for being a great tutor. As a reward, you’ll earn TC004: Wake Up. Using this Technique Course, you’ll be able to wake up a Temtem while inflicting minimal damage. There are pros and cons, but you may find it useful all the same!

Now that you know all of the answers to Sanyu’s questions in Temtem, be sure to read through some of our other helpful guides including how to beat Rawiri in Temtem, where to get the Coward’s Cloak in Temtem, and whether you can get a house in Temtem.

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