Where to get Barnshe in Temtem

The location where you can capture a Barnshe in Temtem.

In Temtem, Tamers have taken to the internet to find out where they can get the elusive Barnshe. As a rare Wind and Mental Type, Barnshe can be a valuable asset to have in your Squad. That said, the first thing you’ll need to do is capture it. To help, we’ve put together a guide explaining where to get Barnshe in Temtem.

Where to get Barnshe in Temtem

Where to get Barnshe in Temtem
Barnshe can only be captured on the roof of Windward Fort in Temtem.
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  • Roof of the Windward Fort.

One question Temtem players frequently ask is where to get Barnshe. As one of the rarer Wind and Mental Types, it’s a good idea to capture and have Barnshe on your Squad. That, or if you simply want to capture them all, you’ll have to grab Barnshe at some point. So, where do you get a Barnshe? Well, the only place you can get a Barnshe is on the roof of Windward Fort.

For reference, this is the area where you fought Lady Lottie in order to free Sophia. Even after you’ve beaten Lady Lottie, you’re free to return to the roof of Windward Fort at any time to capture Temtem. Barnshe is a rare spawn so it may take you a while to actually encounter one. For the most part, you’ll be running into Ganki, Ganki, and even more Ganki.

Be patient and keep at it and you will eventually stumble across the elusive Barnshe. The Barnshe you encounter will be anywhere between Level 12 and Level 14 so be sure to bring a Temtem that can whittle down its health without knocking it out as it’ll be a real pain to have to go through the process of finding another one.

Once you get a Barnshe, you can use its Mental and Wind Types to combat Neutral, Melee, and Toxic Types with ease. To recap, Barnshe can only be found on the roof of Windward Fort. It’s a rare spawn, so you may need to run around up there for a while before you find one.

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