How to make Masala Chai in Coffee Talk

Learn the Masala Chai recipe so you can spice up your drink delivery in Coffee Talk.

Tea, Cha or Chai, call it what you will, it’s a versatile and delicious drink. Coffee may get the main name in the headline, but there’s plenty of love for tea in Coffee Talk as well. To help you share the tea love, we’ve put together a recipe for how ot make Masala Chai in Coffee Talk so you can fill all the orders as and when they arrive.

How to make Masala Chai in Coffee Talk

How to make Masala Chai in Coffee Talk - Masala Chai Recipe
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Masala Chai is a drink with a black tea base, usually mixed with milk, sugar and Indian spices. Usually cardamom, cinnamon and cloves are used in Masala chai, which taked on a lovely color when brewed well. There are several real-world recipes to choose between if you want to enjoy a cup yourself, but to make Masala Chai in Coffee Talk you’ll need to use the following recipe:

  • Tea
  • Ginger
  • Cinnamon

Pick the three ingredients above in that order and you’ll produce a delicious cup of Masala Chai for your waiting customer. That was what they ordered, right? If a Masala Chai wasn’t what they are anyone else wanted, you can always scrap it and check our list of all drink recipes in Coffee Talk to put together a tasty beverage that’s more to their liking. You’ll even learn how to make drinks with fun names like The Grinch and Bitter Heart.

So that you have it, that’s how to make Masala Chai in Coffee Talk. Interested in trying a cup for yourself? We could certainly do with one. If nothing else, Coffee Talk serves as a great excuse for trying new drinks. For more tips and tricks for the game, check out the following links:

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