How to leave missions in Nioh 2

Learn how to quit missions in Nioh 2 so you can leave and stop wasting time on a fruitless fight.

Admit it, we’ve all taken on a challenge we can’t handle from time to time. As it happens, Nioh 2 is full of brutally tough tasks, leaving many of us wanting to leave missions so we can move onto something a touch more palatable. Thankfully it’s very easy to quit missions in Nioh 2 so you can try your hand at another test. If you want to lower the difficulty or just need to head out of the house, here’s how to leave missions in Nioh 2.

How to leave missions in Nioh 2

How to leave missions in Nioh 2
Quit, leave or exit. Call it what you will, here's how to do it in Nioh 2.
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To leave a mission in Nioh 2, you need to follow a few odd steps. First, whack a finger on that touchpad on the PS4 controller to open up the menu. Swap to the items menu and look for the Divine Branch Fragment. This is a re-usable item which uses up all of your Amrita and lets you quit a mission and return to the mission select screen. Here are those steps again for how to leave missions in a more concise form:

  • Open the menu
  • Swap to the items menu
  • Use the Divine Branch Fragment

You can use the Divine Branch Fragment as many times as you like, but as we’ve noted it will consume all the Amrita you’re carrying. This is a valuable currency, so we recommend visiting a shrine before doing so, as then you can at least spend all of your money or level up. 

The bad news is that if you’re stuck on a boss fight, you aren’t going to be able to keep your stash if you decide to leave the mission. Because your Amrita will drop in the room of the fight when you fail, you can’t recover it and run off to spend it. Either keep trucking or learn to let that stuff go.

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Whatever you decide for this attempt, you should now know how to leave missions in Nioh 2, so quit whenever you like! We’ve got more guides in our Nioh 2 hub, so do feel free to click here and check ‘em out, or visit one of the links above!

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