How to get Onmyo and Ninja skill points in Nioh 2

Unlock Onymo skill points and Ninja skill points by practising your art or hunting down locks of hair in Nioh 2's missions.

The sheer breadth of combat skills and abilities in Nioh 2 can be daunting to newcomers, and often it can be tricky to know how to unlock them. The magic tree known as Onmyo skills is one especially interesting one that you’ll want to progress through quickly, and the alternative Ninja Skill points are just as important. In this guide we’ll help you do just that, by explaining how to get Onmyo and Ninja skill points in Nioh 2.

How to get Onmyo and Ninja skill points in Nioh 2

how to get onmyo skill points in nioh 2
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Onmyo Magic, or Onmyo skill points, as well as Ninja Skill points, are earned in two ways. Much like in the original game, you can unlock these points by finding Onmyo Mage’s Locks or Ninja’s Locks throughout the levels. Locks of hair from fallen mages and Ninjas, these grant 1 Onmyo skill point or 1 Ninja skill point when used from your inventory.

Onmyo Mage’s Locks and Ninja’s Locks are found across all of the game’s levels, and thankfully you can check where you’ve missed any. Open up the map screen and select a mission. Press R1 and you’ll swap to a second tab which tells you how many Locks of Hair you’ve earned in the mission. These can be both Ninja’s Locks (which get your Ninja skill points) or Mage’s Locks (which get your Onmyo skill points). Either way, it’s worth collecting them all. 

Replay the missions where you’ve missed them and start scouting around. In addition, the menu here would also show how many Hot Springs you’ve used, and the Dark Realms you’ve closed up. All of these have a limited number for each mission, so it’s well worth checking for them all.

How to get Ninja Skill points in Nioh 2
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The other method to get Onmyo skill points or Ninja Skill points in Nioh 2 is simply by playing the game. Once you have a few abilities unlocked, using them as you play will level up your proficiency in the Onmyo Magic or Ninja categories. Fill your current proficiency bar and you’ll earn an Onmyo skill point or get a Ninja skill point. Attacking higher level enemies with skills will increase your proficiency more, so don’t hesitate to use your Onmyo Magic or Ninja abilities during combat!

You can check your progress towards the next Ninja or Onmyo skill point by opening the menu with the PS4 touchpad, swapping to the Status menu, then pressing R1. Here you’ll see a screen showing a huge range of different experience bars, which will let you know just how close you are to levelling up in that area. Onmyo Magic and Ninja are the ones we’re interested in for this guide, but it can’t hurt to take a look at the others too.

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So there you have it! Collect locks of hair or practice your skills to get Onmyo skill points or Ninja skill points in Nioh 2. Once you start unlocking them, it becomes much easier to earn even more. These skills are powerful, making it well worth hunting down those hair bundles! Check out our Nioh 2 game hub by clicking here for more news, tips and tricks.

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