Get the Shotgun in the Resident Evil 3 demo

Learn how to get the Shotgun in the Resident Evil 3 demo so you can show those zombie a bit of tough love.

When zombies are about, there’s one weapon you want in your hands more than any other, and that’s the shotgun. Resident Evil 3 gives us a chance to grab an M3 Shotgun before the demo runs its course, and you can even put it to work against the big fella Nemesis himself. Need a boomstick in your life? Follow the guide below to learn how to get the shotgun in the Resident Evil 3 demo.

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Get the shotgun in the Resident Evil 3 demo

How to get the shotgun in the resident evil 3 demo
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To get the shotgun in the Resident Evil 3 demo, you need to reach the Subway Office. This is beyond the Donut shop in the second main street, inside the door marked Kite Bros Railway. Follow the hallway around to the office and inside you’ll see the shotgun locked in a chained cabinet on the wall. 

To reach this from the start of the game, head up to the surface, follow the alleyway on the left round to the far part of the street. Run down the street to the end and then back again, triggering the cutscene in which the zombies knock down the barrier. Take the stairs down and pass through the Donut Shop to the street on the far side. Look to the right for the Kit Bros Railway sign. Along the way, you’ll also have the chance to open the safe and grab a nice pistol upgrade too.

Get the shotgun Resident Evil 3 demo
© Capcom

To unlock the shotgun cabinet you’ll need to grab the Bolt Cutters from the Donut Shop (full guide here), then make your way back to the Subway Office. We recommend not picking up the Fire Hose unless you’re ready to tackle Nemesis. Otherwise, unlock the cabinet, grab the shotgun and load up on some ammo before going to town. 

And there you go, you’ve now learned how to get the shotgun in the Resident Evil 3 demo. It’s not the only weapon available though, you can also get access to an Assault Rifle, provided you know how. Click here to visit our Resident Evil 3 game hub for more news, tips and tricks.

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