Resident Evil 3 subway train puzzle solution

How to solve the train puzzle in Resident Evil 3 so you can get Jill, Carlos and the rest of the survivors on the move.

As far as we know, Jill has never worked for the subway. So when you’re tasked with planning a train route from one station to another, it’d be understandable for her to be a little lost. You don’t wanna let your buddy Carlos down though, so when he asks you to get the train back up and working, just follow the guide below to the subway train puzzle solution in Resident Evil 3 and you’ll be on your way in no time.

Resident Evil 3 subway train puzzle solution

Resident Evil 3 subway train puzzle solution
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The subway train puzzle in Resident Evil 3 asks you to create a route from one station to another along a series of intersections. To succeed, you need to look at the map behind the computer, checking which tracks are blocked off (red) so that you use the available ones as you move from Redstone Street to Fox Park station. In short, you want to pick the station numbers without red tracks either side of them, and heading down towards the Fox Park track in the bottom right.

Well, you could figure it out, or you could use the solution below:

  • RE: 01
  • FA: 02
  • RA: 03
  • SA: 02
  • FO: 01

The first and last codes will already be locked in for you. So enter the middle ones as listed above and you’ll plot a valid course through the tracks, finding a path for the subway train to reach Fox Park without a problem. That’s great, but now you need to get back to the train before it scoots off without you. Good luck Jill!

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