All safe codes in Resident Evil 3

We've got all the Resident Evil 3 safe codes in one neat place, so you can unlock useful upgrades for Jill and Carlos.

If you’re going to keep your good locked away, we don’t recommend leaving the safe code nearby, because you never know when Jill or Carlos will be coming by. Thankfully though, the people of Raccoon City aren’t quite so careful with their valuable goods, and so long as you learn the safe codes, you can earn a lot of extra goods with minimal effort. In case you’re having trouble hunting down the solutions, we’ve put together a list of all safe codes in Resident Evil 3. Go score yourself some nice extra loot.

All safe codes resident evil 3
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All safe codes in Resident Evil 3

There are three safes you’ll encounter while making your way through Resident Evil 3. We’ve listed each of them below, including where you find them, how to get the solution, and what’s kept inside. It’s up to you if you want to take them time to open them. Remember that solutions mean you must turn the dial that direction, that many clicks,.

Raccoon City Downtown pharmacy owner safe

Resident Evil 3 safe code answers
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  • Location: In the building north of the Donut Shop on the map (up the walkway)
  • Code: 9 Left, 3 Right, 7 Left
  • Contains: Red Dot Sight (pistol)

How to get the solution: The clue next to this safe will let you know the answer is in the pharmacy beyond the donut store. Head there and look at the back wall of the store to find the solution highlighted under the Aqua Cure pinup lady.

Raccoon City Police Station West Office safe

Resident Evil 3 safe code solutions
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  • Location: 1F, opposite the storage lockers room. The safe is in the office at the back of the room.
  • Code: 9 Left, 15 Right, 7 Left
  • Contains: Hip Pouch

How to get the solution: One of the easiest codes to find, this solution is in the Dark Room 1F. You just need to follow the corridor along to the base of the stairwell, then turn right and enter the save room. The solution is in a doc next to the desk. It’s also the same code as in RE2, if you can remember that.

Spencer Memorial Hospital safe

All safe codes resident evil 3
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  • Location: 2F, in the Nurses Station
  • Code: 9 Right, 3 Left
  • Contains: Dual Magazine (Assault Rifle)

How to get the solution: Carlos will find this safe early in his exploration of the hospital, but you need both the ID Card andthe Locker Key before you can open it. Once you’ve grabbed those, head to the Operating Room (1F) and open the door with the ID card. Read the Lost Items sheet on the cabinet inside to get the code.

Those are all three safe codes in Resident Evil 3! The rewards inside are well worth picking up, especially for mr Carlos, as he’ll soon have a lengthy fight on his hands. Fore more Resi Guides, check out our list of all locker codes, or our breakdown of the Jewel locations. If those aren’t your style, head over to the game’s hub by clicking here to find out more.

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