Bloober Team

Bloober Team is teasing a new Layers of Fear project

But could it actually be an old one?


Bloober Team officially partner with Konami, stoking Silent Hill rumors

Horror game developers Bloober Team partner with Konami, adding credence to swirling Silent Hill reboot rumors.

New gameplay footage of The Medium revealed

We're getting some serious Silent Hill vibes and we love it.

There are no traditional weapons in The Medium

Guns aren't needed when you have psychic powers.

Bloober Team unveil The Medium during Inside Xbox

It looks like a blend between Alan Wake, Silent Hill, and the movie Constantine.

Bloober Team teases Observer sequel

A sequel to 2017's Observer has been teased by Polish devs Bloober Team.

New Blair Witch gameplay looks like a spooky Firewatch

Blair Witch gameplay is just a walk in the woods on the phone. With ghosts, maybe.

E3 2019: Blair Witch interview hints at new film

During our interview with Bloober Team, the possibility of a new Blair Witch film was hinted at, along with clues that connect the game to the entire cinematic universe.

Join the Layers of Fear Switch AMA on Reddit

Ask Bloober Team anything during their Reddit AMA this Tuesday.