Konami reveals monstrous Silent Hill merch collab

Haunting hoodies.


Bloober Team officially partner with Konami, stoking Silent Hill rumors

Horror game developers Bloober Team partner with Konami, adding credence to swirling Silent Hill reboot rumors.

Metal Gear Solid movie books Oscar Isaac as Snake

Jordan Vogt-Roberts' Metal Gear Solid movie scores its starring role in Poe Dameron actor.

Konami adds 12 Castlevania soundtracks to Spotify

Sink your teeth into an endless stream of Castlevania content.

Castlevania mobile game now available on iOS and Android

Get in a little Castlevania time on-the-go with the mobile adaptation of Symphony of the Night!

Creator of the Konami Code Kazuhisa Hashimoto dies aged 61

Legendary cheat code creator passed away 34 years after inventing the Konami Code.

Fortnite black hole Konami code secret hides a shmup mini game

The Fortnite black hole Konami code game is a cool secret to get you through the long wait.

Konami to release three new Anniversary Collections

Fans of Konami's arcade games, Contra series, and Castlevania series all have something to look forward to in the new Anniversary Collections.

Hideo Kojima Opens the Doors to His New Indie Studio

In a recent interview with IGN, Hideo Kojima shares the story of building his own indie studio, Kojima Productions.

Hideo Kojima Expands Death Stranding Team With Ex-Konami Staff

Death Stranding’s team of ex-Konami members just keeps on growing, along with our excitement.