Maneater munches its way onto Game Pass, Steam, and Switch this month

Jump the shark.


Maneater's Bill Munk talks bull sharks and the talent behind Scaly Pete

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What is the max level cap in Maneater?

The highest level your shark can reach and the levels at which it evolves.

How long does it take to beat Maneater?

What you can expect from Maneater in terms of game length.

How to save progress in Maneater

What you need to do to save and keep track of your progress in Maneater.

Maneater devs share helpful tips ahead of release

Be the best shark you can be with these developer tips!

All video game releases for May 2020

We've got a man-eating shark and a half-genie hero.

Maneater release date revealed

A release date for Maneater was revealed along with confirmation that the game is coming to console.

E3 2019: Maneater director talks shark physics and Chris Parnell

We interviewed the director of Maneater to learn more about what players can expect from the game, and why the voice of the announcer sounds so damn familiar.

Tripwire unveils new game, Maneater.

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