Valorant Spectrum skins: visuals and pricing

A look at the Zedd x Valorant Spectrum skin bundle, a flashy new collaboration coming to Valorant.

Valorant is getting a musical makeover courtesy of the Spectrum skin bundle. The new set of pristine sci-fi skins were created in partnership with DJ Zedd, who worked to “design and mix” every single audio effect the guns have. As an XE Tier item, they’ll be one of the priciest bundles to hit the game. Interested to learn more? We break down the Valorant Spectrum skins visuals and pricing below for you to assess.

Valorant Spectrum skins, visuals, and pricing

Valorant Spectrum skins visuals and pricing
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There are five weapons included in the Valorant Spectrum bundle, along with two gun buddies, a card, and a spray. Here’s the full list:

  • Spectrum Classic
  • Spectrum Bulldog
  • Spectrum Guardian
  • Spectrum Phantom
  • Waveform Melee
  • Spectrum Gun Buddy
  • Zedd Gun Buddy
  • Spectrum Card
  • Spectrum Spray

The Valorant Spectrum skins were introduced by Zedd himself in a showcase video which we’ve embedded below. It gives you a taste of the sounds you can enjoy with each gun, though you’ll have to upgrade their versions to unlock the full suite of effects. Below, we’ve also given a look at each weapon included.

Valorant Spectrum Skins

All the Spectrum skins start in their base white form, but you can adjust them to black, red, and a purple-pink variants as well. We’ve shown a variety below so that you can get an idea of the style for each one.

Spectrum Classic

Valorant spectrum skins classic
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Spectrum Bulldog

Valorant Spectrum Skins bulldog
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Spectrum Guardian

Valorant Spectrum skins guardian
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Spectrum Phantom

Valorant spectrum skins phantom
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Waveform Melee

Valorant spectrum skins waveform melee
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Spectrum Finisher

Valorant Spectrum skin Finisher
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Spectrum skin levels

As you’d expect from a fancy bundle, the Valorant Spectrum skins can be upgraded to gain new effects. This time, it’s all about movement. The skins will shift through different colors as you travel around the map. Here’s how the Spectrum levels break down:

  • Level 1: Adds ADS colors which change the sight color as you move.
  • Level 2: Adds unique firing audio and a muzzle flash which changes color as you move.
  • Level 3: Adds equip and reload visual effects which change color as you move. Also adds a unique inspect sound effect to each weapon.
  • Level 4: Adds a kill banner and finisher. The Finisher colors will change around the map and depending on whether or not the Spike has been planted.
Valorant Waveform melee attack effect
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In the case of the Waveform Melee set, when you upgrade it, it’ll gain unique animations and audio as well as the same inspect effect. When attacking, the Waveform leaves a, you guessed it, waveform effect at the point of impact.

Valorant Spectrum skin prices

Valorant Spectrum skin prices
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The Valorant Spectrum bundle is an Exclusive, or XE, Tier, making it the most expensive skin bundle in the game and priced at over $100. Here’s what we know about the price of the bundle an all individual skins:

  • Spectrum bundle: 10,700 VP 
  • Spectrum individual skins: 2,675 VP
  • Waveform melee: 5,350VP

We’ll update as you learn more about the individual pricing options for the Valorant Spectrum skins.

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That’s everything we can share about the Valorant Spectrum skins, visuals, and pricing. Excited or has the extreme price put you off? Let us know in the comments below. Head to our Valorant hub page for all other content we have for the competitive shooter.

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