Stray: where to find the Worker's keys

Learn where to find the lost keys in the Factory so you can help the worker and earn a badge.

Inside the factory in the Midtown region of Stray is a friendly worker bot who has unfortunately lost his keys. Thankfully, you can help him and earn a valuable reward at the same time. In this guide, we’ll walk you through where to find the Worker's keys in Stray so you can add a badge to your collection.

Stray: where to find the Worker’s keys

Stray Where to find the workers keys guide
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After sneaking into the factory, you’ll meet the worker in the section where you need to sneak between the sight zones of patrolling Sentinels. Thankfully, you won’t need to travel far to grab the keys.

The lost worker keys are located in the next room – the one that sees you hiding behind crates of trash which are moving along racks above. Make your way through this room, hiding in the shadow of the crates until you reach the end of the platform and can drop down onto barrels in the water.

Stray worker keys location guide
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Instead of heading straight forward, look to your right and jump toward the barrels that way. These will lead you to the corner of the room, where you’ll find the lost keys on a pile of trash. 

Next you need to return to the worker, which means heading backwards through Sentinels you’ve passed already. You can still use the shadows from the crates, but you’ll need to sprint through the last sections of the Sentinel vision cones to avoid alerting them. If you do get spotted, dash to a box to hide.

Where to find the worker keys stray guide
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Make it back to the worker and he’ll thank you for handing over the keys, granting you the Neco Badge as a reward. Now that you know where to find the Worker’s keys in Stray, you can check out our full Stray Badges guide to collect all the other hidden trophies in each level. We also have a run through all memories in Stray in case you’re after them as well.

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