The Talos Principle 2 Grasslands Ring sprite location

Complete the Prometheus Monument's task to "find my sprite and follow it until it leads you back to me" in The Talos Principle 2 Grasslands Ring East 1 region.

Explore the waters of the Grasslands Ring in the Talos Principle 2 and you’ll likely discover a monument with a mysterious message which reads: “Find my sprite and follow it until it leads you back to me.” This is the first Prometheus sprite challenge of the game. It wants you to find a glowing particle mass which will then race away when you activate it. If you’re not sure where to look, we’ll explain where to find the sprite in The Talos Principle 2’s Grasslands Ring zone.

The Talos Principle 2 Grasslands Ring sprite location

The talos principle 2 grasslands ring prometheus sprite location
From the bridge, head left into the water to reach the monument and right into the water to reach the sprite. 
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The Grasslands Ring Prometheus Monument can be reached by facing the bridge to the tower and heading left. The monument stands on a small island in the shallow water  to the left of the tower. Prometheus’ figure can be seen on top, and at its base is a message requesting you find the sprite’s location.

To reach the sprite, you need to head to the water right of the tower. Facing the tower from the bridge, drop into the water and head forwards until you reach the wall around the tower’s base. Follow this to the right (the opposite way to Prometheus’ Monument).

The talos principle 2 grasslands ring sprite location
When approached, the sprite will fly away across the water. Follow it to each stop to bring it back to the monument. 
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Keep following the tower island’s rim to the right and you’ll eventually see a fallen stone pillar as a slanted angle in the water. The glowing blue sprite will be floating above it. Approach the sprite closely and it will begin flying away. You then need to follow it through several stops along the edges of the lake. The sprite will fly between a few islands along the outer rim of the water (on the side with the puzzles) so if you lose track of it, return to the start island and follow the water’s edge on that side.

grasslands ring sprite location the talos principle 2
Eventually the sprite will arrive at the Prometheus Monument. 
© Croteam

After a couple of stops, the sprite will fly to the island halfway across the bridge to the tower. To reach this position, you’ll need to complete enough of the Grasslands Ring puzzles and Lost Puzzles to earn Tetromino bridge blocks. Once you’ve completed enough, you can reach this position and set the sprite off for its final journey.

Return to the Prometheus Monument and the sprite will pause outside. Interact with it and you’ll complete the Grasslands Ring Prometheus sprite challenge and earn a spark as a reward. While you’re in the area, make sure to complete the Pandora Monument challenge as well.

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