7 Most Underrated Premium Tanks in World of Tanks

Want to be a World of Tanks Hipster and stick out from the crowd?

We’ve all heard how good the Skorpion, Defender, and Patriot are time and time again – it’s like a broken record. They’re the semi-new cool kids on the block that take the limelight from everything else, but what if we search beyond the obvious?

In this article we’ll be highlighting some of the less popular Premiums World of Tanks has to offer which are still capable of packing a punch. Also, check out my Top 7 Premium Tanks regardless of popularity, or if you’re just interested in sheer credit-earning potential take a look at the best Credit Farmers.


Normally I’d refrain from delving into Tier 5 as it’s not one of my preferred tiers, but I simply couldn’t make this list without giving an honorable mention to the Excelsior. Its frontal armor is thick, and its side is packed with spaced armor – especially effective against High Explosive variants. Despite this, the Excelsior’s mobility is surprisingly good for a heavy with a solid power-to weight ratio, high top speed, and great traverse values.

Because of this, you’d expect the firepower to be lacking, but that’s not really the case. The penetration values are lacking, but due to this vehicle earning additional credits you can easily supplement this drop in performance with its higher penetration APCR rounds whenever necessary. You’re then able to utilize its excellent 13 degrees of gun depression and 1800 DPM to absolutely shred your opponents to pieces.


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