Why are Temtem's servers at capacity?

If you're having trouble getting in and playing Temtem, you're not alone. Here's why!

Temtem launched on Steam today to an overwhelming amount of interest, so much so that Temtem’s servers were quickly at capacity. This has forced interested gamers to have to sit and wait in a queue in order to get in, often for long periods of time. Wondering why Temtem’s servers are at capacity? Here’s what you need to know!

Why are Temtem’s servers at capacity?

Why are Temtem's servers at capacity?
Over 20k people have tried to play Temtem at launch, overloading the servers and forcing many interested gamers to wait in a queue.
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Following the release of Temtem on Steam, thousands of gamers rushed to start playing the game all at once. According to the development team: “Zadar is a small village, it’s not ready to receive 20k new tamers. Aina can’t cope greeting you all! Hotfix coming soon!”

With so much interest in Temtem, the servers have simply been struggling to keep up with demand. Because of this, many have found themselves staring at a message noting that, “Temtem is currently at capacity.” The message precedes a queue with several thousand other players (as seen in our image above).

As for why this is happening, Temtem is available on Steam in Early Access rather than a full launch, so there’s bound to be a few hiccups during launch. Furthermore, Temtem is made by a small indie team and they’re likely doing the best they can with the resources they have.

On the official Twitter account for Temtem, the development team has been posting constant updates informing players what’s going on with Temtem. For example, they’ve tweeted that they’re working on improving wait times in the queue. They’re also applying hotfixes for lag spikes and have restarted the servers a few times with new improvements.

Our recommendation right now is to be patient and wait for the team at Crema to apply the hotfixes necessary to allow more players into the game and reduce queue times. To stay up-to-date, keep an eye on the Temtem Twitter.

Now that you know why Temtem’s servers are at capacity, be sure to read through some of our other guides while you wait in the queue including what a Luma Temtem is, how many Temtem there are, and a closer look at Temtem’s adorable blue platypus, the Platypet.

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