What starter is strong against Max in Temtem?

Find out which starter is best suited to win against Max's Temtem!

In Temtem, you have a rival named Max who is quick to battle with you once you finish picking out your starter. Depending on which starter you pick, you may have a better or worse time against Max. If beating Max is important to you, read on to find out which starter is strong against Max in Temtem!

What starter is strong against Max in Temtem?

What starter is strong against Max in Temtem?
The best starter option when it comes to holding your own against Max in Temtem is Crystle.
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Your rival in Temtem is an obnoxious kid named Max who likes to show off his favorite Temtem, Oree. At the beginning of the game, you’re asked to pick a starter from a lineup of three different Temtem. For a full overview of each starter and their evolutions, be sure to check out our previous guide.

What’s nice is the game gives you information about each Temtem’s Type and what Types they’re strong or weak against. If beating Max is important, you’re going to want to pick the starter that’s strongest against Max’s Oree. Considering the fact that Oree is a “Digital” Temtem, it’s weak against Water, Electric, and Digital Temtem.

Sadly, the starter lineup doesn’t contain a Temtem that’s strong against Digital, but you can pick a Temtem that’ll potentially take less damage from Oree. Of the three, Smazee and Houchic are both set up to lose against Max as Digital moves are super effective against Melee and Mental Types.

The only starter that isn’t specifically weak against Oree is the Crystal Type starter in Temtem, Crystle.

While not particularly strong against Digital, Crystle appears to be the best option for the fight against Max’s Oree. Note that Oree has the ability to use other Type moves including Mechanical Heat (Fire) and Cold Breeze (Wind). If Max decides to use Mechanical Heat against Crystle, it’ll take quite a bit of damage as Crystal is weak against Fire.

That said, Crystle has another bonus over the other two starters in that it has way more HP and DEF, making it harder to defeat. To give you a quick comparison, we’ve listed the HP and DEF of each starter below.

  • Crystle: HP (60), DEF (69)
  • Smazee: HP (49), DEF (44)
  • Houchic: HP (38), DEF (41)

As you can see, Crystle has a clear advantage when it comes to HP, DEF, and its base Type. Of the three starters in Temtem, Crystle is without a doubt the best one to pick if you want to hold your own against your rival, Max.

Now that you know what starter is strong against Max in Temtem, be sure to check out some of our other helpful guides including what a Luma Temtem is, all Temtem status effects explained, and a closer look at Temtem’s cute little blue platypus, the Platypet!

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