What is the max level in Temtem?

Train up your Temtem and help them reach their max potential.

In Temtem, you’ll work to train your Temtem and increase their levels, though there are often questions about what the max level is. Even though Temtem is currently in Early Access, there is a max level threshold in place and it’s a lot lower than you might expect. To elaborate on this, we’ve put together a quick guide on what the max level is in Temtem and why it’s important.

What is the max level in Temtem?

What is the max level in Temtem?
The max level a Temtem can reach is level 48. To acquire certain evolutions, you'll want to breed your Temtem and hatch them at level 1.
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  • Level 48

One of the most common questions gamers ask about Temtem is what the max level is that your Temtem can acquire. If you’re working your way through the game, the only way to find out a Temtem’s max level is by having that Temtem reach a level they can’t level past (or look up the max level in a guide like this one).

In Pokemon, the max level can go as high as level 100. Fortunately, the max level in Temtem is much lower and easier to reach. As of right now, the max level in Temtem is 48 for all Temtem in the game. Once your Temtem hit level 48, they’ll stop leveling, and stop they’ll evolving. This makes breeding even more important as evolutions are based on the level at which you acquire your Temtem.

If a particular Temtem doesn’t level until reaching level 40 and you caught them at level 10, they’d need to hit level 50 in order to evolve, which currently isn’t possible in Temtem. If you breed your Temtem, you’ll hatch that Temtem from an Egg, capturing it at the lowest possible level, level 1. This will allow you to evolve them fully under the current level restrictions.

You can also improve your Temtem’s stats by breeding them, making them more powerful than the Temtem you capture in the wild. Again, the max level your Temtem can reach is level 48, there’s no going beyond this. In the future, Crema may increase the max level threshold but until they do this, level 48 is the highest you can go.

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