Lantern Plant Fruit in Nioh 2: What it does

Learn how to use the Lantern Plant Fruit in Nioh 2 for an extra burst of Anima to power your attacks!

Look in your backpack. Now be honest, do you have any idea what half that stuff you’re carrying around is? A samurai collects a lot of junk on his journeys it seems, but some items are actually very useful. Nioh 2’s Lantern Plant Fruit is one such item that’s collected early in the game by speaking with a person hiding behind door. Chat with him enough and you’ll be given the Lantern Plant Fruit in the hopes that you’ll leave him alone already, you big bully. There are plenty of other chances to grab this item, but if you’re new to Nioh, you might be unsure how to use the Lantern Plant Fruit, or what this item does.

Lantern Plant Fruit in Nioh 2: What it does

Lantern plant fruit in Nioh 2: what it does
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The Lantern Plant Fruit is a consumable item that restores five Anima when used. The Anima meter is your purple bar, and if you’re a fan of using Yokai abilities or the Burst Counter, that boost comes very handy indeed. We recommend sticking the Lantern Plant Fruit on a shortcut slot and saving it for boss fights. Use it to fill your meter before a fight and you’ll have a much easier time taking down tough foes. 

If you’re lucky enough to have both the Lantern Plant Fruit and Red Spider Lily then you’ve given yourself much, much better chances in the fight ahead. The Red Spider Lily fully replenishes 10 Anima meter, while the Lantern Plant Fruit only restores a smaller chunk. Use each after expending your Anima to unleash more powerful attacks than usual.

Early on in the game, the Lantern Plant Fruit is a rare item, but don’t stress too much over when you use it. After you’ve progressed through the story, you’ll begin to receive it as a drop from regular enemies, missions and bosses.

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Now that you know what Lantern Plant Fruit does in Nioh 2, you can use it without fear to gain the edge during tough fights. Unleash your Yokai form and claim victory!

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