How to use Righteous Jasper in Nioh 2 for Benevolent Graves

Plant a Benevolent Grave with Righteous Jasper in Nioh 2, so your spirit can aid the samurai of the world.

Sometimes you’ve got to put your body on the line for others. Even if it’s just your animated, undead body. Nioh 2 includes a method of offering your services to others in the game through an item called Righteous Jasper. It’s different to how the Souls games summons work, so if you’re unsure then below we’ll explain the details about how to create Benevolent Graves with Righteous Jasper in Nioh 2.

How to use Righteous Jasper in Nioh 2 for Benevolent Graves

How to use Righteous Jasper in Nioh 2 Benevolent graves
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Righteous Jasper is a consumable item in Nioh 2. Using it will place a Benevolent Grave at your current location. This can then be found by other players online exploring the same area. Should they activate it, the Benevolent Grave will spawn a revenant of your character. This won’t be you, personally. Instead, it’ll summon an NPC version of your character to aid them in the level.

If other players choose to activate your Benevolent Grave and summon your revenant, you’ll receive rewards, with better loot awarded to the graves that are used most (1 use, 5 uses, 10 uses and 20 uses for each reward type). To that end, you should aim to use Righteous Jasper close to tough sections or encounters so that you revenant is more likely to be used and help others. You'll get a Righteous Jasper by completing the mission The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames.

There’s absolutely no downside to using Righteous Jasper in Nioh 2, so be sure to place your Benevolent Graves as often as possible near tough fights, so that you can provide aid to all the other samurai of the world. If you’re after more, you can craft Righteous Jasper in Nioh 2 by combining Demon’s Horns and Enki Pelts. One of each will do the trick.

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Now that you know how to use Righteous Jasper you can leave your revenants for others to find throughout Sengoku-era Japan. That sounds creepy, but is actually really helpful. Thanks, zombie samurai pals!

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