Get Mutated Skin in Nioh 2

Learn where to get Mutated Skin in Nioh 2 so you can customize your Samurai to your heart's content.

Everybody wants to get Mutated Skin in Nioh 2. Er, maybe not to replace their own skin, mind, this is just a collectable resource that’ll let you design some sweet, sweet custom outfits. Hunting down Mutated Skin sounds pretty gross, but we seriously need those clothes, sol this is no time to be shy. Below, we’ll help you join us in depravity by explaining how to get Mutated Skin in Nioh 2.

Where to get Mutated Skin in Nioh 2

Where to get Mutated Skin in Nioh 2
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As we mentioned above, Mutated Skin is a crafting ingredient in Nioh 2. You can get it by killing Dwellers, the feeble looking zombie-like enemies which were once human before being corrupted into Yokai. These guys aren't skeletons, so you want to hunt for the skinny but still skinned enemies dotted around. There are plenty of them filling the world, and you can find many early on in the mission titled The Beast Born of Smoke and Flames. That’s also the mission which unlocks the Blacksmith, in case you weren’t sure. You can also find them throughout the underground sections, looking like they need a bit more sun.

Dwellers aren’t difficult to fight, but don’t judge them too much, they’re only regular people after all. Take them down in large numbers to farm for Mutated Skin so that you’ve got enough for whatever you’re looking to craft. They’re also a great place to gather some Soul Cores or train your Onmyo skills while you farm. Once you’ve got enough, just head back to the Blacksmith who’ll be happy to take all the nasty skin you’ve collected. Try not to think too hard about how you got it off the Dweller bodies. Yuck.

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Now that you know where to get Mutated skin in Nioh 2, you can head on over to our game hub by clicking here. We’ve got loads more guides to help you get ahead, but you can also drop a question in the comments if we’ve not covered something you want to know!

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