Pikmin Bloom

Pikmin Bloom honors Nintendo's roots with hanafuda special event

Complete Weekly Challenges to earn Golden Seedlings with exclusive decorations.


Pikmin Bloom's May Community Day proves roses aren't always red

Toodle-oo tulips, as roses will soon be your new best buds in Pikmin Bloom.

Pikmin Bloom Earth Day event will bring nature-themed Decor items

Collect stag and acorn outfits for your Pikmin on April 22.

Pikmin Bloom adds Sushi Decor to your Pikmin chic

Fresh air meets fresh food.

How to get Coins in Pikmin Bloom

Learn how to get free Coins in Pikmin Bloom what you can spend them on using the in-game shop.

Pikmin Bloom expeditions: How to send Pikmin on expeditions

Learn how to send Pikmin on expeditions in Pikmin Bloom, along with what items you can expect to get as a reward!

Pikmin Bloom is live for mobile devices in the Americas

Try out Niantic's latest AR Nintendo collaboration now if you live in the US, Canada, or anywhere else in the Americas.

Pikmin Bloom begins global release rollout today

Putting a spring in your step.