Holiday gift guide for gamer clothing and apparel

Get your gamer friends and family some clothing from their favorite streamers, games and brands this holiday season.

While it is the season to be getting warm and cozy under the covers instead of putting on your best threads and heading out on the town, sometimes a good gift of clothing for the gamer in your life can be just the present they've secretly been pining for. You don't just have to settle for a t-shirt with their favorite game's logo on it though, there are dozens of very stylish, well-presented clothing collabs with games and brands at the moment. Here are some of the best clothes you could get for the gamer in your life this holiday season.

Gamer clothing holiday gift guide

Fire Emblem bags and wallets

Price: $94-180

This collaboration with Japanese boutique fashion house Super Groupies has leather bags, wallets and shoes for each of the main school houses in the breakout strategy hit of last year. That should just about cover any of your stylish fellow students, but only if they're definitely worth it. Shipping from Japan could be a bit pricey.


Price: $60+

In the year where outside clothes became meaningless, it's only fitting that this HyperX collab range from streetwear legends Champion is more akin to loungewear. And if you know someone running out of sweatpants and hoodies to liven up their indoor capsule wardrobe for Zoom calls, this iridescent reflective logo hoodie or joggers set could be just the sparkle they need.

BlackMilk dresses and leggings

Hot gaming styles from BlackMilk
Hot gaming styles from BlackMilk

Price: $45-100

One of the best collabs of this year was BlackMilk's Mario range, with a series of patterns on dresses and leggings inspired by Nintendo's 35-year-old franchise. Possibly tied with the Animal Crossing range that followed hot on the heels of the game of the summer. Both are currently 30% off for a very limited time, if you wanted to get a very stylish gift for your friend or sibling this holiday. Or you could check out their recently released Cyberpunk 2077 range, with plenty of Samurai, Johnny Silverhand and body-mod-inspired skintight looks.

A Tom Nook beanie

Affordable gaming gifts and stocking stuffers
© Nintendo

Price: $17

If you were as obsessed with Animal Crossing: New Horizons as we were this year, you’ll likely have fallen in love with organizing raccoon landlord, Tom Nook. If you ask us, it was all downhill after he stopped giving the daily announcements. Share your love of Tom Nook this winter by grabbing an official beanie from Amazon. There’s also a pink Celeste version available, and two packs with both included. It’s the perfect gaming-themed holiday gift for your real-world villager pals.

A Fall Guys christmas sweater or T-Shirt

Cheap gaming gift guide holiday 2020 stocking stuffers
© Numskull, Mediatonic

Price: $30 - $35

Ugly christmas sweaters are a thing of monstrous beauty. We love them, and we won’t be convinced otherwise. This new Fall Guys design from Numskull is arguably the pinnacle of the art, combining huggable pastel colors into a gaudy mess  that is utterly in your face and screams Christmas cheer from the snow-covered rooftops. You can grab it with US, EU, and Worldwide shipping from the Numskull store.

If you’re after something a little more tasteful, the Devolver Digital merch store has a small range of rather lovely Fall Guys T-Shirts available for $30. There are also cheaper pins and patches, if they’re more your recipient’s style.

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