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What we learned from the SGDQ Ocarina of Time beta showcase

The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time's beta showcase at SGDQ 2022 was a very special experience.


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There's a packed weekend of great speedruns for you to kick back and take it easy with thanks to SGDQ 2022.

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AGDQ breaks record with $3.4m raised in a week of speedrunning

Donations to Prevent Cancer top last year's $2.8m record to make AGDQ 2022 the most successful yet.

Flame Fatales is an all-women speedrunning event next month

Supporting the Malala Fund with faced-paced gaming.

The best speedruns at SGDQ 2021

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Summer Games Done Quick 2018 is live this week!

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The top 10 best speedruns of AGDQ 2018

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Awesome Games Done Quick is live all this week

With money raised going to The Prevent Cancer Foundation.