Nintendo Switch

Everything shown during the March 14 Nintendo Direct

Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door! Princess Peach Showtime! F-Zero 99!


The best couch co-op games on Switch

If you're looking to game together locally, these are the best couch co-op games the Nintendo Switch has to offer.

2023 Switch local multiplayer games to let you cozy up on the couch

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Switch Indie World Showcase announcements

Mineko's Night Market, Blasphemous 2, and more made Nintendo's Indie World Showcase on April 19 a must-see.

GoldenEye 007 relaunches on Xbox Game Pass and Nintendo Switch this week

Get your friends round for a few rounds of split-screen on January 27.

Mario Kart 8 lets you set custom items now

Final Destination: Blue Shells only.

Holiday 2022 gaming gift guide hub

Discover all the best places to find gaming-themed gifts this holiday season.

Holiday gifts for the Nintendo Switch owner in your life

Our Nintendo Switch holiday gift guide for 2022 will have your recipient cheerier than Blathers after a quality fossil donation.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet introduces: Long Diglett AKA Wiglett

The newest Pokémon to be introduced in Scarlet and Violet is Wiglett, a sort of long Diglett.

Nintendo Switch Online's N64 library grows with Pokemon Stadium, Mario Party, GoldenEye

Some real big hitters are being added to the N64 library in Nintendo Switch Online's Expansion Pack.