HyperX Cyber Monday 2023 deals

Secure Cyber Monday sales all week long with epic discounts on HyperX gaming gear!

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The Outlast Trials composer Tom Salta on concocting the ultimate horror soundtrack

"I just geek out when it comes to haunted houses and creating scary atmospheres for people."

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HyperX Queued Up Class of 2023 ready to take over your screens

The HyperX Queued Up 2023 top 5 winners have been announced, as the new class of creators begin their journey.

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Video game pumpkin stencils to light up your Halloween nights

Carve your favorite characters this Halloween with these video game pumpkin stencils.


HyperX's Halloween sale brings you scarily good deals on gaming gear

Shockingly good discounts on HyperX microphones, keyboards, mice, and more.

Modern retro-themed horror games with PS1 visuals

New twists on old haunts.

Top 5 gaming keyboards for the holidays

Give the gift of a solid gaming keyboard this holiday season.

The best multiplayer horror games to play with your friends

Looking to get spooked? These are the scariest multiplayer horror games you can play with mates in 2023.

The best new horror games of 2023

A year of newfound fears.

Gaming Halloween events delivering spooks and scares in 2023

All the haunting Halloween events happening in your favorite games this year

Fresh HyperX HX3D keycap drop features spooky set of keyboard toppers

A spooky selection of HyperX HX3D keycaps joins functional and fun keyboard decorations in newest line.

Create your own haunted Halloween gaming setup

Set spooky season loose in your your game space with these design tips.

The best mildly scary games to get in the Halloween spirit

Even fraidy cats will be able to partake in the scary season with our picks.

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